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We create a ripple effect of generosity by giving random acts of kindness, all made possible by small & consistent donations from ordinary people.

A traditional nonprofit for nontraditional givers

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Together, we inspire a ripple effect of generosity.

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Everyone Is


Of Receiving

Our Recipients Are 100% Unsuspecting Individuals

We believe that everyone needs kindness, and that kindness can change the world.

By receiving random acts of kindness, our recipients are part of a movement that will not only impact their life, but the lives of those around them.

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All our recipients have no idea they’re about to receive a random act of kindness!

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At least this amount of each dollar received goes back into local communities!

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Since September of 2020, we’ve given away over $100,000 in random acts of kindness!

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The Golden Envelope Challenge

Over 1,000 envelopes have been given

Every act of kindness from Mailbox Money is given with a Golden Envelope. Our goal is to reach one million acts of kindness. You can purchase Golden Envelopes to help us reach that goal!

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The Symbol Of The 5th

Here you see Engagers with two fingers up on their left hand. THAT is the symbol of the 5th discipline

When Engagers sign up, they take the 5th Discipline Pledge of Kindness.

We can only do what we do together so when our Engagers see one another, this is a common way to greet each other - kinda like the motorcyclist nod.

Mailbox Money Community Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)3 charitable organization.
All contributions are tax deductible.