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Random Acts of Kindness: A pre-planned event where you give money or something with monetary value to an unsuspecting person.

Micro-philanthropy: The act of an individual giving small amounts of money ($1-$25) rather than larger amounts to support a cause or person.

Community: A group of people committed to one action, one belief, one commitment.

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Here’s the truth: People LOVE to see random acts of kindness.

Here’s the second truth: People WANT to give to random acts of kindness…they want to keep the momentum going. It gives them HOPE.


We go out and perform random acts of kindness through donations we get from micro-philanthropists, because the third truth is: You don’t have to be rich to give. You can make an impact even now.

The negativity in this world is stifling and a random act of kindness is like a breath of fresh air.

Welcome to Mailbox Money. Mailbox Money Community Foundation is a nontraditional nonprofit. We provide an easy, convenient, and affordable way for you to give towards random acts of kindness that we believe will make the world a happier, kinder and more generous place.
Mailbox Money is battling the negativity in this world through kindness! Are you ready to join the fight?

Mailbox Money is not your average nonprofit. We don’t commit to one cause.

Instead, we give back to unsuspecting people and causes through random acts of kindness.

We brand these acts of kindness with our official Golden Envelope, which plays a big role in our giving!

Check out the links below to learn more or see how we give in action.

• Meet Kim: A Grandmother who was just released from the hospital after beating
cancer, with custody of her two grandchildren receives a free tank of gas!

• O’Reilly Auto Parts: Watch it til the end! We paid for people’s auto parts and one
woman finally gets a break when Mailbox Money steps in!

• Three Unsuspecting Graduates: We gave $500 each to unsuspecting high school graduates after their ceremony!

• And many more….


We believe in a world where everyone can be a giver by participating in organized micro-philanthropy thereby creating a happier, more generous, kind and united society.

Text #LearnMore to 407-214-4297 for an exclusive video from our Founder!


We make it easy and convenient for people to give, no matter what their income. We empower like-minded individuals to scale their giving by participating in a community based platform of micro-philanthropists. We give to unsuspecting people through random acts of kindness in nontraditional ways to inspire a ripple effect of generosity through our collective efforts.



Mailbox Money gives a minimum of eighty cents of every dollar donated. With your support, we intend to raise this number as time goes on. We ARE the how and we need you to make it happen. You don’t have to be rich to give.

Join us!



100% of the people we give to are unsuspecting! Regardless of income, race, orientation, status, etc., anyone can be a recipient. Some think you should only give to those in need, but we intentionally give to unsuspecting people because we believe everyone deserves a little kindness.

Don’t ya think?


18 states

While we encourage members from all over the world, we want to talk to our U.S. citizens right now. You know our country needs more kindness and unity, so we hope you will  join us as we give forward together!

Get your state on the map!

"This has transformed my way of living. Giving Forward has become an important part of my life.”

Kelvin N.

"I’ve never felt the need to give back but this just feels good."

Nabila G.

"Mailbox Money has got me to refocus my priorities to help others.  Giving has helped to create freedom and a deeper spiritual connection."

Zach M.

we are the how

Have you ever wondered how you can make a difference? Have you wondered how you can make an impact in a way that doesn’t break the bank? The answer is together. Using micro-philanthropy, each of our members gives a little and together, we give a LOT. You don’t have to be rich to give. You don’t have to wait to give back. As a team, we give forward together and achieve more, because we know, WE ARE THE HOW. If you’re ready to engage, join us!

P.S. Think you’re looking at peace signs? NOPE! 

what is the symbol of the 5th discipline?

WE are the HOW. In this section of the website you see engagers with two fingers up on their left hand. THAT is the symbol of the 5th discipline. When Engagers sign up, they take the 5th Discipline Pledge of Kindness.

we are the how

Mailbox Money Community Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)3 charitable organization. Currently, eighty cents of every dollar is donated back into the community and contributions are tax deductible.