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If you want to Get Involved with Mailbox Money, the best thing to do is become a Member! Our members are called Engagers. They make all this kindness happen. Our members provide the inspiration, manpower and funding that drives Mailbox Money. We are able to accomplish what we do because we do it together and increasing membership is the best way to grow this movement of kindness. As a member you can also participate in our giving days! Sign up!


The next best thing you can do is donate to the cause. Because we are micro-philanthropists, we each give a little to make a big impact. Members donate $10.47 each month. However, you can use our donate button to contribute any amount you want today. Donate here.


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Spread the word. Tell people they don’t have to be rich to give. Tell them about Mailbox Money. Follow us on social and share our social accounts, posts, and videos with your friends.

The only way we can inspire givers is by showing them how we give – no matter what our
income level!

This means that the navigation has to change to reflect the new sections and remove the old sections.

buy the books


The Mailbox Money movement is based on two best-selling books, the original Mailbox Money and the sequel, Journey to the 5th. These books are short reads told in a story format that will keep you glued to the book. These books will not only teach you the 4 disciplines of earning wealth and growing your business. They will also teach you about what to do once you have it and how to find your purpose in the community. To get a great understanding of the movement reading these books is a great start. Please click the links below to order your copy today.