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Currently, each of our micro-philanthropist members commit to donating $10.47 monthly – this is a subscription membership that comes directly from your account. It’s kind of like Netflix or Hulu, but instead of GETTING, we are GIVING. It’s about time we did more of that, don’t you agree?

Using the (1) funds from membership, (2)  donated funds from swag, and (3) supporter donations, Mailbox Money gives forward together. We do this through Give Forward Days where we canvas an area, sometimes multiple areas with intentional location(s) and acts in mind, and we give to the people who happen to be there or show up. We don’t tell anyone where we will be, we go and give. The best part is coming up with crazy ways to give forward. One time, we partnered with a local youth football league to host a “car wash”, and when those who showed up tried to donate for their car wash, we GAVE THEM money instead. Plus they got a FREE car wash. Pretty, cool, right? This is one example of how we intentionally spread kindness to unsuspecting people.

We are proactive, not reactive! Our community’s giving is funded by our communities. We don’t wait for people to give back and hope society will come together, uplift one another and unify. We are the how. We are the catalyst for positive change. We are micro-givers that make a MACRO-impact. We commit to kindness and realize it through generosity. We are the how.

Are you amped and ready to jump head first into micro-philanthropy? If so, you’re ready to become an Engager! Check out what comes with your membership below and join the movement today!

Not ready to join the community but want to support the cause? Become a supporter and
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1. Direct Influence on Giving
2. Access to Swag
3. Access to Gold Envelopes
4. transparency you want
5. Ability to Share Your Story With Us Directly
6. invitations to give forward days
7. Engager-Only Content
8. Special Events
9. Closed Facebook group (coming soon)
10. Satisfaction of Knowing You’re Part of Something Bigger Than Yourself

“Micro-philanthropy is the sh*t! For so little I am part of so much. You would be surprised at how a small act of generosity can change someone’s life.”

Joe F.

"It was an eye opening experience to give without receiving. Felt blessed to bless others and not take anything in return."

Terrence T.

“Mailbox Money was like nothing I’d ever seen. I’d been giving BACK for a long time. Giving FORWARD was a new concept and giving forward TOGETHER was a game changer, so taking the 5th pledge was a no-brainer!”

Jennifer R.

global engagement

Are you on the map? Join Mailbox Money today and get your country on the map!

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be the how